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Registering your interest does not automatically make you (or commit you to becoming) a Merchant Partner, it simply tells us that you are interested in joining this Scheme. You can only become a Merchant Partner once a PDA has been successfully negotiated and signed by both Parties.
Important: the deadline for submitting completed Agreements for 2019 is:
31st July 2019.
Missed our deadline? email us for further information.

Once we have received your completed form we will email you a zipped archive of the “Merchant Pack” containing the following 6 documents:

  The Preferential Discount Agreement (PDA) – Mandatory.
  The Discount Schedule Template – Mandatory.
  The Product Catalogue Template – Optional.
  The Merchant Location Template – Optional.
  Premium Advertising Request – Optional.
  Merchant Guide.

In order to become a Merchant Partner, the first two documents must be completed. The ‘optional’ documents are designed to elevate your presence on our website and are primarily used as marketing tools.

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Register your interest in becoming a Merchant Partner.

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Register your interest: Terms and Conditions.
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•  Your Company must be based/registered and operating in the UK.

  This form is used to register your interest in becoming a Merchant Partner of The Trade Purchasing Group Ltd.

  Registering alone does not commit you to becoming a Merchant Partner.

You will only become a Merchant Partner once a successful Preferential Discount Agreement has been signed by both Parties.

  We cannot accept any new Merchant Partner Agreements within 2 months prior to the Launch Date. If you have missed our deadline please email us for further information.

  When registering it is important that the main contact's email address is entered.

  This is a non-competitive process. All merchants offering exclusive Preferential Discounts to TTPG Members will be considered, however, in order to maximise the benefits to its members, TTPG will prioritise the range of goods and/or services offered and the geographic distribution of its Merchant Partners.

  Information on this form will not be disclosed to any third parties, and will only be used by TTPG in conjunction with administrating this scheme.

  Merchant Partner registration to this scheme is at the sole discretion of TTPG and can be suspended or withdrawn at any time.

  TTPG will act as a facilitator for the Scheme and as an agent for The Members within the Scheme.

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