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Benefiting from TTPG Preferential Discounts is simple…

…just purchase your goods and/or services from any of our Merchant Partners. Present your TTPG membership card at the point of sale, and receive your discount, that’s it…no fuss.

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Membership Plans.

There are two types of Membership Plans available, Trade-BOOST and DIY-BOOST. Both come with subscription length options of 1, 2 or 3 years, and of course, purchasing the longer subscriptions reduces the annual costs. On initial purchase (i.e. registration), all Plans provide you with a personal account on our website, immediate access to our "paid content", and one personalised discount card linked to the Membership Plan.

Trade-BOOST members may also purchase additional cards, either at registration or at any time during the lifetime of the Membership Plan. So, for example, if you have several work colleagues or employees, all of whom regularly purchase building materials, then they can each have their own personalised card and receive the same discounts as you (for the duration of your subscription). Each additional card must be linked to the Membership Plan and uniquely personalised. Additional cards are not available for DIY-BOOST members. Both Trade and DIY members can purchase replacement Cards.

As the primary account holder, you will also gain immediate access to the ‘members only’ restricted areas of our website, comprising of both paid and non-paid content. The paid content contains tools and resources designed to provide you with in-depth information surrounding all the Preferential Discounts available to you, including further details about our Merchant Partners. On expiry of your Membership Plan, this paid content will no longer be accessible to you. However, the non-paid content will always be accessible, even if you don’t have an active Membership Plan. This allows you access to the ‘My account’ area where you will be able to manage your profile, renew/change your Membership Plan etc.

Only the account holder will have access to these restricted areas - any additional card holders will not be given this access. Nevertheless, all additional card holders will benefit from all the discounts available to the primary account holder.

TTPG members.

There are two type of TTPG members, Trade-BOOST and DIY-BOOST, each corresponding to one of the two types of Membership Plans. If you are a professional trade worker then you should purchase a Trade-BOOST Membership Plan. All other non-trade workers, such as keen DIYers, should purchase a DIY-BOOST Membership Plan.

Categories of trade workers who should register for the Trade-BOOST Membership Plan include:

Brick & Stone Mason.
Estates/Facilities Maintenance.
General Builder.
Iron Worker.
Plumbing & Heating.
Property Developer.
Small Contractor.

Before you decide which Plan suites you best, please bear in mind the following:

•  Some of our Merchant Partners will require their trade customers to hold trade accounts with them. Not holding such an account may disqualify you from purchasing any goods and/or services from them, including, but not limited to, Trade-BOOST discounted products. These trade accounts are independent from our Scheme and beyond our control. In such cases, we accept no liability and will be unable to refund any subscription fees. Please ensure that, where necessary, you have the correct credentials to join and hold such accounts. TTPG will make available to its members (if provided by Merchant Partners) downloadable trade account application forms and/or links to the Merchant Partners’ online application pages.

•  Some of our Merchant Partners are ‘trade only’, and as such, will not accept retail customers, including those holding DIY-BOOST membership cards.

•  Trade-BOOST members will qualify for both Trade-BOOST and DIY-BOOST Preferentially Discounted products. If a particular product has both type of discount applied, then the lower price will be charged by the Merchant Partner.

•  DIY-BOOST members qualify for DIY-BOOST Preferentially Discounted products.

You may find the following diagram useful when deciding which Membership Plan to select.

registration flow
(click on image to enlarge)

The ‘members only’ pages.

The ‘members only’ pages (i.e. paid content) are for TTPG members only, and are not publicly available. These pages remain accessible as long as you have an active Membership Plan. If your Plan has expired then you will need to either renew your Plan or register a different Plan. Members with expired Plans will always have access to their ‘My account’ area, unless they have explicitly requested TTPG to delete it. Additional card holders will not have access to these areas.

A brief description of the tools and resources available within the ‘members only’ area is given below.

The Search discounts page.

This page contains a tool allowing you to search all the Preferential Discounts offered by our Merchant Partners. You can filter your search based on merchant name, Category, Product Type, Discount Type or use a keyword.

A screenshot of what you might typically see is given below. Much more detail can be revealed by clicking on the little green icon beside the merchant’s name or on any of the Product Types listed. The detail given for each Product Type includes: some examples of the Product Type; merchant comments; merchant location(s); merchant contact details; duration of the Preferential Discount Agreement (PDA) and the percentage product coverage (i.e. 100% means that the merchant offers Preferential Discounts on all the products it ranges).

search discounts
(Click on image to enlarge)

The 'Merchant locator’ page.

This page contains a map allowing you to search for your nearest Merchant Partner. Just enter your location (or use GPS) and it will display all Merchant Partners within the specified search radius. You can also filter your search based on merchant name or Discount Type (i.e. Trade-BOOST or DIY-BOOST). You can even get directions! A typical screenshot is shown below.

merchant locator
(Click on image to enlarge)

The ‘Downloads’ page.

In this page you search and view (or download) the various documents provided by our Merchant Partners including, Discount Schedules, Product Catalogues and trade account application forms. You can filter the search by merchant name and/or document type. A screenshot is shown below.

search downloads
(Click on image to enlarge)

The documents contain the following information:

•  The Discount Schedule: This contains a detailed view of how the Merchant Partner has applied the Preferential Discounts, based on Product Types – this document is mandatory, and must be supplied since it forms an important part of the Preferential Discount Agreement.
•  The Product Catalogue: This contains a detailed view of how the Merchant Partner has applied the Preferential Discounts, based on individual products – this document is optional, and will only be downloadable if the Merchant has provided it. This can be the merchant’s own catalogue or a document specifically created for this Scheme.
•  The trade account application form (and/or online version): For those Merchants requiring their trade customers to hold trade accounts, then (if provided) members can download them here.

The ‘Rate a Merchant’ page.

We want to make it easy for you to find the best participating merchants in your area. That’s why we’ve created this page, where you can discover ratings from other members, and contribute your own.

Selecting our Merchant Partners.

There are several stages and processes to go through before we include any new merchants into our Scheme, but essentially the steps involved are:

•  We identify the goods and/or services (or locations) where potential Preferential Discount Agreements might be developed, or we are approached by a merchant or our members make recommendations.
•  We send potential Merchant Partners all the necessary documentation.
•  We carefully analyse the merchant’s proposals and negotiate further if necessary. We also ensure that potential Merchant Partners have the necessary personnel and the infrastructure to support the smooth running of our Scheme.
•  Where possible, we accept the merchant’s proposals and they become Merchant Partners.
•  Details of new Preferential Discount Agreements (e.g. discount rates, locations, contact details etc.) are then entered into our databases and published on our website.
•  Our members are then notified and are able to access these details via our ‘members only’ pages. Most importantly, our members can begin using their discount cards as soon as the new PDAs start.

The Preferential Discount rates offered by our Merchant Partners must be higher than their standard discounts and exclusive to our members. In addition, these discounts must be guaranteed for the duration of the PDA (usually for at least one year). During the lifetime of the PDA, Merchant Partners will be able to adjust downward pricing autonomously, but will need our approval for any lowering of the Preferential Discount rates, unless these price increases are across the board and affect non-TTPG Members equally. You can be assured therefore, that as a TTPG member, you will always receive preferential and exclusive discount rates.

The PDAs negotiated by us, on your behalf, involve a large number of merchants, both local and national. The merchants are free to offer the best deals available to them. It is a non-competitive process, so as long as the merchants offer significant (preferential) discounts and fulfil our contractual requirements, then it’s very likely that they will become a Merchant Partner. Our primary intention is to ensure that all our members (both trade and retail) receive the best possible discounts.

How the Preferential Discounts are applied.

The Preferential Discounts are negotiated separately with each of our Merchant Partners. The resulting discount levels (and other useful information) are then made accessible to you on our website.

It is important to realise that Preferential Discounts are assigned to ‘Product Types’ and not to individual products. Similar individual products are combined to form a ‘Product Type’ and similar Product Types are combined to form a ‘Category’. TTPG has defined 10 Categories containing 76 Product Types in total. In theory, therefore, each Merchant could offer 76 Trade-BOOST and 76 DIY-BOOST Preferential Discount rates, which can be all different or indeed the same, depending on how the Merchant Partner wishes to structure their discount levels. They can also select all or just a few ‘Product Types’ depending on their speciality and expertise. Merchant Partners will also need to provide the Percentage Product Coverage. This is the percentage of the individual goods and/or services supplied by Merchant Partner that have had Preferential Discounts applied. For example: if the Merchant Partner supplies a total of 10000 individual products and has applied Preferential Discounts on 9000, then the Percentage Product Coverage would be 90%. This is a useful and a quick indication of the benefits offered by a particular Merchant Partner. Ideally, we would like this to be 100%, thus giving our Members the guarantee that any product picked off the shelf would have a Preferential Discount applied.

discount schedule graphic
(Click on image to enlarge)

Making a purchase.

To make a purchase and to benefit from the Preferential Discounts, simply present your membership card at the point of sale - the discounts will be applied automatically. At this present time, our membership cards can only be used to make ‘in-store’ purchases, they cannot be used for remote ordering (e.g. telephone or online).

You place your orders directly with our Merchant Partners in the normal way. TTPG is not involved in the purchasing process itself. The contract of sale lies between you and the Merchant Partner and is subject to such terms and conditions that the Merchant Partner advises you of. We are not affiliated to any Merchant Partner and are not a party to your sales contract with them.

Our members have no duty or responsibility to make any purchases from our Merchant Partners, but may do so solely based on the review of the applicable PDAs. In fact, members are free to negotiate more favourable terms if they can, and continue using their favourite supplier even if they are not one of our Partners.

If your favourite supplier(s) is not already one of our Merchant Partners, then why not ask them to register their interest, or use our Recommend a Merchant form, and we will do the rest.

If there are any discrepancies in pricing and/or you receive poor service levels from our Merchant Partners, then we encourage you to report back to us by following our Complaints Policy. If necessary we will remove poorly performing Merchant Partners from our Scheme.