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How can I find out more detail about the discounts available to me?

As a TTPG member, you can use our Search discounts tool to search through all the discounts available to you. You can filter the search based on merchant name, category, product type, discount type or by keyword. You can then drill down further and get more detail by selecting any of the resulting matches. Even more detail can be found in our Downloads section where, amongst other things, you can download pdf copies of the Discount Schedules produced by our Merchant Partners

I’m not a trade worker but a keen DIYer, how do I benefit?

We remain an inclusive Purchasing Group, and feel strongly about helping all those who purchase building materials. The market clearly demonstrates that there are large numbers of enthusiastic and capable DIYers who regularly undertake significant refurbishment works. We have used this spending power, together with the spending power behind the huge trade market, to maximise our leverage during negotiations with potential Merchant Partners.

What is the difference between Trade-BOOST and DIY-BOOST membership?

Essentially, our Trade-BOOST membership is designed for the professional builder and/or small contractor (i.e. ‘the trade customer’), and the DIY-BOOST membership caters for the amateur, but competent DIYer (i.e. ‘the retail customer’). Where possible, our Merchant Partners can offer Preferential Discount rates to one or both membership types.

Trade-BOOST members qualify for Trade-BOOST and DIY-BOOST discounts, whereas DIY-BOOST members qualify for DIY-BOOST discounts.

DIY-BOOST members should bear in mind that not all our Merchant Partners cater for the retail customer, and in these circumstances you will not be able to purchase any goods and/or services from them, with or without a DIY-BOOST discount card.

Trade-BOOST members should be aware that some of our Merchant Partners may also require their trade customers to hold trade accounts with them. These trade accounts are independent from our Scheme, and it remains the responsibility of our Trade-BOOST members to ensure that they hold the correct credentials to hold such accounts. If you are unable to hold such accounts, then it may not be possible for you to purchase any goods and/or services from these Merchants, with or without a Trade-BOOST card. For your convenience, some of our Merchant Partners have supplied us with their Trade Account application forms, and/or links to their online registration, these can be found in our Downloads section.

Do I have to present my TTPG membership card when I make a purchase?

Yes, the Merchant Partner will need to check your ID and the expiry date before you can receive any Preferential Discounts on the purchases you make.

How can I find my nearest TTPG Merchant Partner?

As a TTPG Member you can use our Merchant locator to find all Merchant Partners near your location. Simply type in your postcode (or use GPS) and search. You can filter the search based on search radius, Merchant Partner or type of discount (Trade or DIY), if required you can even get directions – all for your convenience.

Am I obliged to buy from TTPG’s Merchant Partners?

No, you can continue to use any merchant you wish. TTPG Members are free to negotiate their own pricing where appropriate. TTPG Members retain completely their freedom of choice and self-negotiation, but are backed up with TTPG Preferential Discounts.

How do I place an order with TTPG’s Merchant Partners?

You place your order directly with our Merchant Partners in the normal way. Just present your membership card at the point of sale in order to receive your exclusive discounts. At the present time you can only use your membership card for ‘in-store’ purchases, they cannot be used for on-line or telephone ordering.

TTPG is not involved in the purchasing process itself. The contract of sale remains between you and the Merchant Partner.

Will I have to bulk buy to receive discounts?

No need to bulk buy. The lower prices and discount terms have been negotiated without the need of bulk buying and large minimum order quantities. In the majority of cases there are no minimum orders at all. That’s why TTPG is the best Purchasing Group for businesses of every size.

What are Preferential Discount Agreements (PDAs) and how long do they last?

A PDA is effectively an arrangement between TTPG members (the buyers) and a TTPG Merchant Partner (the seller) which has been managed and administered by TTPG.

The stability in the cost structure provided by our PDAs gives our members greater confidence and control in managing their finances, whether they be involved in short or long term projects. Leading to increasing short term savings and profit margins, with the added benefit of more effective control over longer term expenditure and cash flow.

The PDAs negotiated with our Merchant Partners are initially valid for a minimum of one year. These Agreements may be extended or re-negotiated after this initial period. Under exceptional circumstances, Merchant Partners can make changes during the lifetime of the Agreements, however, they must give TTPG at least one month’s notice before doing so.

What happens if I lose my membership card?

This is no problem. As long as you have an active Membership Plan, just login to your account and select Purchase replacement cards and we will issue duplicates. The cost for each replacement card is £25.00 (excl. VAT) irrespective of the Membership Plan they are linked to. The expiry date on the replacement cards will remain the same as the original.

What happens if I need additional membership cards?

This is no problem. As long as you have an active Trade-BOOST Membership Plan, just login to your account and select Purchase additional Trade-BOOST membership cards. The cost for each additional card is £25.00 (excl. VAT), irrespective of the subscription length, and the expiry date will be set to the same as the Membership Plan they are linked to. Each card must be uniquely personalised.

Additional membership Cards are not available to DIY-BOOST members.

Can I recommend my favourite Merchant(s) to become a TTPG Merchant Partner?

Yes, definitely. TTPG members (and non-members) can use our Recommend a merchant form to do this. This is one of the main reasons TTPG exists. We strive to benefit and serve all our members in all regions of the UK and to maximise the coverage of Goods and/or Services available. Just give us the Merchant’s details and we will do the rest. Any changes to our Merchant Partner listing will be notified to our Members via our website.

As a TTPG Member, you can also use our Rate a Merchant Partner page to rate your overall satisfaction with our existing Merchant Partners – and see the current scores.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with a Merchant Partner?

Full discount details negotiated with all Merchant Partners are available from our website (member login required). If you discover that a Merchant Partner does not honour its agreement, then in the first instance, you should contact the Merchant Partner’s representative as specified on our website. If this does not resolve the issue then you should raise a complaint using our Complaints Policy.

Please note: that we will only attempt to resolve issues directly related to this scheme, and not for example, issues including but not limited to: deliveries, warranties, returns, problems with the Goods and/or Services purchased, or your Consumer Rights as exists between you and the Merchant. TTPG has no involvement in the actual purchasing process other than negotiating exclusive and preferential discounts on your behalf.
I already have a Trade Account with a Merchant Partner, do I need a new one?

No, just present your Trade-BOOST discount card with your trade account card/ID to receive the relevant Preferential Discount.

Do I need to set up Trade Account with your Merchant Partners?

This depends. Many Merchants, particularly those who sell ‘trade only’, will often require you to hold a Trade Account with them, irrespective of whether your hold a Trade-BOOST card or not. Therefore, under these circumstances if you wish to take advantage of any Trade-BOOST discounts, then by necessity, you are obliged to sign-up for one of their accounts. In order to hold such an account, you may be asked to provide credentials, such as, your business card or Gas Safe registration number etc. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct credentials to hold such accounts. These Trade Accounts are entirely independent from TTPG – we do not ask or require you to provide such credentials.

May I join another Purchasing Group?

Yes, your purchases through our Scheme are entirely voluntary. Therefore, you may join as many Purchasing Groups as you like. Although, at present, TTPG is the only Purchasing Group dedicated to the construction industry.

Who can view my personal details held by TTPG?

Other than TTPG for administrative purposes, no third party will have access to your details. Please see our Privacy and Cookie Policy for more information. You can also set your privacy preferences by using our Privacy Preferences Tool.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You have the right to cancel your membership at any time. Please see our Membership Terms and Conditions for more information.

What if I want TTPG to delete my account including all my personal details?

This is no problem. You can use our Privacy Preferences Tool to do this.