Member’s Area

In this ‘Member’s area’ you can learn all the Why, What, When, and How registering as a TTPG member will help you receive the best possible discounts when purchasing your building and home improvement materials.

If you are a Merchant and wish to become a TTPG Merchant Partner, then please visit our Merchant’s area for more details, or register your interest now.

Who can register for TTPG membership?

Essentially anyone who purchases goods and/or services for use in construction, refurbishments and/or home improvements; whether a professional builder or keen DIYer.

What can I purchase with my membership card?

You can purchase any goods and/or services belonging to any of the categories below:

Building Materials.
Hand & Power Tools.
Flooring & Tiling.
Kitchen, Bathroom & Bedroom.
Plumbing & Heating.
Timber & Joinery.
Paints & Solvents.
Personal Protective Equipment.
Tool & Plant Hire.

As a TTPG member, you can view details of the discounts offered by our merchant partners by using our search tool.

What Membership Plans are available?

We have two types of Membership Plans – Trade-BOOST and DIY-BOOST.

Each plan is available in either 1, 2 or 3 year subscription lengths, and each entitles you to receive one personalised discount card and immediate access to our “paid content”.

See our quick guide to help you choose.

Trade-BOOST membership.

Trade-BOOST membership has been specifically designed for the trade worker, and offers a wider range of goods and/or services and a different ultimate pricing model than the DIY-BOOST Membership Plan. So, if you work in one of the areas shown below, this is the plan for you.

Examples of trade workers eligible for Trade-BOOST membership include:

Brick & Stone Mason.
Estates/Facilities Maintenance.
General Builder.
Iron Worker.
Plumbing & Heating.
Property Developer.
Small Contractor.

Once you have an active subscription, you can also link additional cards to it. So, for example, if you have several work colleagues or employees, all of whom regularly purchase building materials, then they can each have their own personalised card and receive the same discounts as you (for the duration of your subscription). They will not however, have access to the paid content – since as the primary account holder you remain the owner of the Membership Plan and all additional cards linked to it. If they also require access to the paid content, then they should register separately.

Trade-BOOST membership entitles you to both Trade-BOOST and DIY-BOOST discounts.

DIY-BOOST membership.

This is essentially the ‘catch-all’ Membership Plan, and as long as you are over 18 years of age and reside in the UK, you can register. Although trade workers can also register for this Plan, it has been specifically designed for the retail customer and keen DIYer. So if you are periodically undertaking small DIY projects in your existing or new home, then this is the plan for you.

DIY-BOOST membership entitles you to the DIY-BOOST discounts.

Additional membership cards are not available for DIY-BOOST Membership Plans.

Some member benefits include:

  Economies of scale – allows members to benefit from a larger scale purchasing power than they could achieve individually.
  Receive discounted prices from major suppliers, both national and local. Use the same discount card for multiple merchants.
  Competitive and stable pricing. TTPG aims to fix Preferential Discount Agreements for at least one year.
  Competitive advantage over non-TTPG members.
  Considerable discounts for both core and non-core items.
  Stay updated on Merchant Partner listings and pricing updates.
  Have direct links to Merchant Partner websites and additional offers.
  Have an experienced negotiating team working forward.

Some Misconceptions:

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I have it all under Control.

While rugged individualism is a beneficial trait, spending time searching for best prices can be costly. TTPG effectively does this all for you. Either check our Preferential Discount Agreements by using the resources and tools found in our ‘Members only’ pages, or better still, just present your TTPG membership card to your nearest Merchant Partner and be assured of getting better discounts than non-TTPG members.

My company is really large so I have all the leverage I need.

Large companies can have more leverage, but it really only exists in the areas where they have both large volume and deep subject matter expertise. A large decorating company may purchase large amounts of various paints and materials, but that does not mean that such a company has a high enough volume of other supplies (e. g. timber) to drive deeper savings.

I am a tough negotiator so I don’t need any help.

Being a tough negotiator is clearly a benefit. But no matter how tough you are, it is difficult to improve your negotiating position if you lack the sufficient purchase volume in specific goods and/or services.

You can learn more about how TTPG works to get you the best deals by viewing our How it works and FAQs pages.

In some cases, Trade-BOOST members may also need to hold ‘trade accounts’ with some of our Merchant Partners. TTPG accepts no liability if you are unable to use your Trade-BOOST discount card due to you not holding (or unable to hold) such trade accounts. It remains your responsibility to ensure you have the correct credentials to purchase goods and/or services under this Scheme.
DIY-BOOST members should bear in mind that some of our Merchant Partners are ‘trade only’ and as such, will not accept non-trade customers, including those holding DIY-BOOST discount cards.
Currently, our discount cards can only be used for making ‘in-store’ purchases.